Why France – s1ep2

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In this episode, Beeta talks about why France (and Europe, in general)is so appealing to her and many like her. She discusses some of the differences between the American and French lifestyle, including the slower pace of life in France as well as the some of the more practical benefits in daily life that afforded her greater peace of mind.

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  1. Hello, I just finished your second episode and so happy I found your podcast! It totally resonated with me when you talked about there is a slower pace in Paris than here in the US. I visited Paris for the first-time last month in December 2022, to celebrate my 50th bday. It has been a dream for me since I was 15 to visit and I finally did! One of my fondest memories of that trip will be my husband and I walking back to the hotel (in the 7th arrondissement) after a wine and cheese tour and a visit to Shakespeare and Co, we made a stop into a little cafe for dessert and a glass of wine. My husband chatted with the server while watching France play Morocco in the World Cup, I just savored my dessert and my surroundings and spent some time looking at a paper map that our hotel gave us studying the city. It was so relaxing and time well spent. After that first trip to Paris, I want to be a person that can say “I’ve been to Paris many times”. I love your spirit and enthusiasm for all things french!

    1. Hi Eileen! Thanks so much for your kind feedback on the podcast! The moment you describe, just enjoying your dessert in the cafe, and taking in the beauty of that simple moment is exactly what Paris is all about. There’s just an energy in the air there that truly nourishes the heart and soul. I’m so glad you had a beautiful birthday trip. Cheers to many more Paris getaways! <3 xo

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