Croquembouche Recipe 

(Profiterole Tower)

A croquembouche, also known as croque-en-bouche (literally meaning crunches in the mouth) and commonly misspelled as crockenbush (believe it or not!), is composed of small cream puffs piled high on top of each other in a cone shape, then decorated with spun sugar.


If you’ve wondered how to assemble a croquembouche, I’m here to tell you that it’s not as crazy as it looks. A croquembouche recipe definitely takes some time, but it’s not as challenging to actually assemble as you might think.

The cream puffs are typically filled with classic pastry cream, something you’ll also find in éclairs or tarts, then stacked on top of each other using caramel sauce as the binding agent.

As you step back to admire your Croquembouche, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and connection to a rich culinary tradition. Explore the full recipe below  ⬇️