Whether you’re looking for a holiday dessert or the holiday has passed and you’re wanting to use up those leftover fresh cranberries, this cranberry curd tart will fit the bill.

A nantucket cranberry tart usually has the fresh berries intact, in the filling, with cake batter poured over them. It’s almost like a clafoutis in that way, but obviously a different texture and such. On the other hand, this cranberry curd filling is made with cranberry juice (rendered from the fresh berries), eggs, and sugar, just like a lemon curd filling.

To make this cranberry tart recipe, you’ll need a tart pan. Unless you plan on serving the tart in its pan, you won’t be able to use a cake pan here. I use a classic 9″ pan, so keep that in mind when you’re making this recipe. The dough can be stretched to fit a 10 or 11 inch pan if you really need it to, but just know that your crust will be a bit thinner.

Making this easy cranberry tart is pretty straightforward, but there are some important tips you should know about before you begin. These valuable insights will help you achieve a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, ensure your crust is beautifully flaky, and provide creative garnishing ideas to make your dessert truly stand out. So, don't miss out on these essential tips – click here to learn more about making the most delicious cranberry tart ever!