When I was looking for a recipe, I knew I wanted to use one that has stood the test of time. I ended up finding an American pumpkin pie recipe from a woman who had submitted it to Bon Appetit in 1998. More awesome than that was that someone from the woman’s family commented that the family is still making the recipe to this day and that it’s a family favorite.

This homemade pumpkin pie is sweet and fragrant. You can taste the delicate flavor of pumpkin, but you can also tell there’s a touch of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and ginger in there. This is not a spicy pie. Instead, I think there’s just enough in there to make it taste like a fall dessert, which is how I personally prefer it.

To give this pumpkin pie a twist, you can add a homemade pecan topping. This will make this pie the best of both worlds: pecan pie and pumpkin pie!

Give this recipe a try!