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Stylish Flats: A Parisian fashion staple

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When visiting Paris, you’ll quickly notice that there’s a lot of walking to be done. Having a pair of stylish flats you can wear becomes absolutely necessary for making it through the day without your feet being in utter pain. 

Stylish Flats

The French always have a pair of stylish flats they can turn to for their everyday affairs. Whether the flats are for the walk to work or a casual stroll through the park, flats are their best friend.

In America, we don’t always walk as much, but I find a pair of stylish flats to be just as essential. Sometimes I’m just looking for something quick to slip on for a trip to the shopping mall, or something I can wear while I run errands on the weekend. 

Just because I’m sacrificing heels or wedges doesn’t mean I want to wear anything less chic. Shoes make a big difference in your overall appearance and can really polish off your look if you pick a clean, fashionable pair.

Here are some neutral flats that would work with a variety of outfits:

17 Stylish Flats inspired by French fashion and the Parisian wardrobe. via



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  1. It takes a certain woman to be able to wear these. While I find them to be beautiful, the low heel has never been comfortable, and the pointed toe is ugly with wide feet, in addition to being uncomfortable. I grew up with pointed toe shoes and was so relieved not to have to force my toes into that position anymore. Definitely sophisticated city shoes!

    1. Hi Ursula! I can completely understand what you’re saying. I call my feet “squishy” lol because I can kind of smush them into anything without it being too uncomfortable. I wear those pointed toe shoes a lot and they work for me, but my mother on the other hand prefers the rounded toe. Everybody’s feet are different so you just have to find what works for you! 🙂

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