Small Floral Arrangements

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Fresh flowers are always an elegant way to decorate your home. Creating small floral arrangements with a fresh bunch can be a tasteful and budget-friendly way to consistently have seasonal flowers in your home.

Small Floral Arrangements

While large bouquets of flowers can get expensive, it doesn’t take much to create small floral arrangements for your home. 

Buying 1 or 2 less extravagent bouquets and using the variety to create smaller arrangements can be much more budget-friendly. 

What I like to do is try and find a bouquet that already has variety within it, then put a few different stems into mini vases.

Small floral arrangements with evergreen and pine cone via

For instance, for the holidays, I had bought a bouquet that had some evergreens and red berries in it. I divided up the bouquet among a few different mini vases and displayed those in different areas of my home.

I put a vase on the console table behind my sofa, one in the bathroom next to my sink, and one in the bedroom.

Small floral arrangements pink roses and eucalyptus mini vase via

This month, I purchased some mini pink roses with a side bouquet of eucalyptus.

I arranged some of those roses in a small round vase, and then divided up the rest of the roses and eucalyptus into smaller vases that went in some of the spaces I mentioned above. 

Small floral arrangements with pink roses statement piece via


Even if you are buying just one bouquet of fresh flowers that don’t have any variety within them, such as a bouquet of traditional roses, you can still stretch their use and place just a single rose in each vase for little statement pieces.

This way, your bouquet will be used all throughout the house rather than just one large vase in one spot. Small floral arrangements like these are a really simple way to bring a touch of luxury and elegance to every corner of your home.

Here are some mini vases to shop:

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