How to Block Out Negative Chatter Around You – s2ep14

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In this week’s episode, Beeta shares the inside scoop on what it took for her to land a fabulous apartment in her dream location in Paris, despite all the naysayers and obstacles in the way. She uses this experience as further proof of how so many things in life are about mindset over matter, and how you can build confidence in your dreams and pursue them without the outside negative chatter. 

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  1. This was wonderful. I have a friend who is planning to move to Paris for a couple of years and though she is looking to move to somewhere in Nice, etc., I thought this would be helpful to her. She was delighted. In general, I loved your points about how and when to share your dreams and hopes. Change is very difficult for many people to accept without reservation. But when you are ready for a change and others suddenly feel uncomfortable they can really be a wet blanket without meaning to be. No one wants to give up a dream. But no one is unafraid of the the future. So, it is hard. Thank you for your insight. Cheers.

    1. I’m so glad this episode resonated with you and your friend! Congrats to your friend on her move, she’ll be happy in Paris or Nice – both are fabulous!

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