The Benefit of Hosting Friends at Home like the French – s1ep35

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In this week’s episode, Beeta delves into the unique contrast between the US and France when it comes to socializing with friends. She reveals the differences in how friends typically get together in France, and why the French way tends to be more conducive to deeper connections. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and listen to this stimulating conversation. And if you’re enjoying the podcast, be sure to leave a review so others can discover this podcast too!

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  1. I found your podcast this week to be very interesting. I love entertaining friends in my home and agree with you that it is so much more relaxing and conducive to deeper connections. For this reason I prefer smaller groups because it is more conducive to lively and deeper discussions. I am slightly puzzled though. Having been to Paris numerous times (one of my favorite cities), it seems like there are so many restaurants in the city that I always had the impression that the French people probably entertained mostly in restaurants. It is now very interesting to find out that that is not true. I also understand that outside of Paris socializing is probably mostly done in people’s homes. Thank you very much for your thoughts on this matter and the benefit of your experiences in France.

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback, Jacqueline. It’s true that Parisians are often seen dining out more than the rest of France, but it’s amazing to see how much they also entertain at home, despite some of their very small apartments! They’re just so great about working around that and not allowing that to be a reason not to have friends over. 🙂

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