The French Table & Art of Dining – s1ep26

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In this week’s episode, Beeta shares her passion for this cultural tradition and how it can enhance your well-being and fulfillment. Discover how a simple act of sitting down for your meals can transform your dining experience, bringing joy, relaxation, and deeper connections, whether you’re alone or with loved ones. If you’re curious about how you can make positive changes in your daily routines, this episode is definitely for you. 

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  1. Beeta, thank you so much for this important reminder! I’m so bad about setting a nice table just for myself every night for dinner. I love doing it for others but it resonates for me as well! I’ll make it a priority for myself!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Susan! I’m so glad this was a good reminder. It’s so easy to slack on these principles when we are dining alone, but I always like to remind myself that we deserve a beautiful table just as much as any guest!

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