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Peet’s Espresso Capsules for the Holidays

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The holiday season is my favorite time of year, but it’s also one of the busiest. I usually find myself running around the grocery store loading up on ingredients for holiday dinners and parties, or making my way through the packed shopping mall getting last minute gifts. To say I rely on some good espresso to get me through the crazy holiday times is an understatement.

It’s hard to think that I used to fill my mug with mostly cream and just a little coffee once upon a time. Nowadays, I prefer a quality espresso, bold and black.

I like to think all those trips to Paris, sitting at the cafes drinking espressos had something to do with the preference. I tend to shop for espresso that’s rich and intense in flavor, which is why I often go for Peet’s.

Peet's Espresso Capsules selection of flavors

Thankfully, Peet’s offers a whole new level of dark with their espresso capsules. The capsules are such a life-saver when I’m short on time and in need of a quick dose of exceptional espresso.

Peet’s espresso capsules are aluminum and are compatible with Nespresso Original machines, making them incredibly convenient and perfect for making an at-home espresso.

Peet's Espresso Capsules for Nespresso Original Line machines

Peet's Espresso Capsules 4 flavors

The capsules come in a variety of flavors and can be found at retail stores like Target, or online at Amazon and You can choose blends like the Crema Scura, which is a full-bodied option with nutty notes. You can also choose the Ricchezza, another rich blend with a hint of wine flavors, and Nerissimo, a super black option with a bittersweet taste.

My personal favorite is the Ristretto, which is bold and complex with the flavors of crushed spice, fruit, and chocolate all blended together to deliver one, smooth finish.

Peet's Espresso Capsules ristretto

Having Peet’s espresso capsules on hand has proven to be more than convenient time and time again this season. I’ve found the espresso capsules to be a satisfactory option when I’ve woken up with a long to-do list and in need of some morning motivation, or when I’ve invited a friend over for holiday decorating and in need of an energy boost to keep us going.

Peet's Espresso Capsules - foamy espresso

I’ve also loved being able to come home after a long day and just kick up my feet with a cup of Peet’s espresso. I love the foamy cream on top of each cup; it makes me feel like I’m having a gourmet, barista-made espresso but all with the convenience of lounging on my sofa at home.

Peet's at-home espresso in a cup for the holidays

With all the activities going on during the holiday season, it’s so comforting to know that I can rely on Peet’s espresso capsules for a peaceful moment of delicious bliss whenever I want.

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  1. I’ve tried numerous other coffee capsules and this is the best! My wife and I have been drinking these coffee for almost two months and I’m literally surprised every morning at how good it is. She always add a bit of warm cream while I usually place a few ice cubes into my cup.

  2. High quality coffee ! I just made one cup. The crema may be slightly ‘softer’, but it’ taste so good. Delicious, Rich, Not bitter, and excellent flavor! I added a lungo shot of water, ice cream and make a shot every morning. Fall in love with the Peet’s Ristretto and Crema Scura so I haven’t tried the other two. Will try them once!

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