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Parisian Style: Eames Dining Chairs

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If you’re looking to add some Parisian style to your home, consider these Eames dining chairs. They’ve got French flair and sophistication all wrapped up into one. 

Parisian Style: Eames Dining Chairs

As much as I love design, I won’t pretend that I’m a connoisseur when it comes to famous artists and designers. I can appropriately throw around terms like herringbone or damask, and I even know what an Eames style dining chair looks like, but do I know why the chair is called an Eames chair? No idea.

Well, now I do, but about a month ago, before I bought these chairs, I didn’t. While these dining chairs aren’t real Eames chairs, as in they are not a direct work of art by the Eames designers (the innovative married couple who came up with the “Eames” design), they are a result of the Eames concept and inspired by them.

I personally just adore them because they’re sleek, modern, and lightweight without being being made of black leather, metal, or fitting some other ultra modern/bachelor-pad aesthetic. I’m all about contemporary design, so long as its inviting.

I found these pink/lilac dining chairs on Amazon for a total steal, which I’m all about! If you know me, then you know I love browsing the web for online deals. It’s just sweeter when you find something you love and you get it at a steal.

I adore these Eames dining chairs, but let me warn you that assembly is not pleasant. The concept is simple enough and you don’t need a manual by any means, but I gather that because the chairs are so affordable, their design in terms of the screw holes are a bit inferior and could use some work.

Other than that, I found the overall quality of the chairs great, especially for the price. I’d love to eventually get a beautiful round rug to go under my dining table and the chairs, too.

In any case, I got these Eames dining chairs put together and I am loving them in my home. What do you guys think?


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