Hope in the Midst of Sadness

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Hope in the Midst of Sadness

Last week, my best friend and her husband moved to another state due to a good job offer that her husband had received. After they left, I felt incredibly sad. I felt like I had an empty place in my heart.

These past months, I’ve experienced a lot of changes in my life. Some good, some not so good. Yesterday, my older daughter said this to me, “Mom, in your sadness, never lose sight of your hopes and dreams, and the wonderful things to come. Constantly remind yourself of them.”

Her words stuck with me for the rest of the day. In the midst of my sadness, I thought about all of my aspirations and the things I am excited about in the future. I noticed that when I did this, my mood changed.

I had been missing my best friend and feeling down about it, but thinking about my future and the positive changes I’m anticipating completely lifted my spirits. 

I thought about my immediate plans for the next few months and I realized I have a lot to look forward to. I started thinking about how I’ll have the opportunity to travel to a new state when I want to see my best friend, and how visiting her can become a fun getaway from my everyday routine.

I think it’s important to accept that life is constantly evolving and things are always changing. Sometimes friends and family move away, co-workers come and go, partners enter and leave our lives, but it’s helpful to remember that in the midst of all this, we can look to our hopes and dreams as a source of positivity and comfort.

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