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The Quick and Easy Holiday Hostess Gift

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During this time of the year, I’m usually attending a lot of holiday parties hosted by family, friends, and neighbors. I don’t always have time to plan out an elaborate gift basket or bake a homemade treat, so I’ve come to rely on a nice bottle of wine as my go-to, quick and easy holiday hostess gift.

Holiday Hostess Gift

While a nice bottle of wine can seem like a no-brainer, I have definitely gotten overwhelmed by the choices available to me in the store. 

I mean, I’ve got some favorite wine and cheese pairings for those times I’m the hostess, but when I’m going to a party as a guest and need a quick gift option, I tend to choose wines that are readily available at any local store.

Quick and Easy Holiday Hostess Gift via MonPetitFour.com #MakeTime #ad 

That’s why I really love this wine from Wente Vineyards. Their Riva Ranch Chardonnay is a go-to for me when I’m looking for an elegant and delicious gift.

Not only is it easy to find at my local grocery store, but Wente’s Chardonnay is clean and crisp on the palate, and will appeal to most kind of wine drinkers. 

Who doesn’t love getting a nice bottle of wine? I know I’d be stoked to get this Riva Ranch Chardonnay from one of my guests!

It’s also at that perfect price point where it’s wallet-friendly, but also embraces higher quality. 

Quick and Easy Holiday Hostess Gift via MonPetitFour.com #MakeTime #ad

When I’m creating my holiday hostess gift with a bottle of wine, I typically wrap a bow around the neck of the wine bottle first. I’ll add a holiday charm or ornament too for some festivity and sparkle. 

You can find ornaments like the one displayed here at your local craft store. The bonus is that your gift kind of becomes two gifts, as the hostess can hang the ornament on their Christmas tree too if they want. 

Quick and Easy Holiday Hostess Gift via MonPetitFour.com #MakeTime #ad

More importantly, I love having an easy gift idea like this on hand because it just means there’s less time having to brave the holiday crowds at the mall and, instead, get to spend more time doing the fun holiday activities I enjoy with my loved ones!

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