Implement French practices to help you feel beautiful, elegant, and luxurious every single day!

How would it feel to live your life, looking and feeling your best...

...without having to keep up with the latest trends, fad diets, or time-consuming beauty routines?

You can savor and enjoy good food, good living, and look effortlessly chic while you do it …just like the French do!

In my signature coaching program, I’ll help you create a personalized routine of French lifestyle practices and then refine and implement it so that you elevate your lifestyle and confidence in a way that is easiest and most rejuvenating for you.

Want to learn more about how you can add some “joie de vivre” and live your best life?

"Prior to the coaching, I was in a rut in almost every aspect of my life. I wasn't as inspired in the kitchen as I used to be, and was constantly wearing athleisure apparel. I was drinking my morning coffee as I ran around the house getting everything ready for the day, eating two of my three meals standing up in the kitchen or while I was working at the computer. I was constantly rushing, but never catching up. Things felt haphazard and unplanned.

Throughout the past eight weeks, I've learned how to prioritize myself in small ways that make a big difference. I make a point to not rush and to be present while I go about my day. If I'm drinking my coffee, I make sure that's all I'm doing for a little while. I take a break from my laptop while I eat lunch, and focus on making and enjoying a beautiful, healthy meal. I take my time with my morning and evening routines, and look at them as pampering instead of chores to be rushed through. My skin is noticeably happier. My closet is no longer a jumble, and I look forward to popping in to select my outfit for the day. I actually don't enjoy wearing leggings all that much anymore, and prefer to be dressed for the day and whatever it may hold.

My biggest surprises were all of the fantastic lists and printables. I love having a little library of inspiration! Of course I really enjoyed the weekly coaching calls - they were fun, informative, and kept me accountable without any feelings of guilt or dread. I was excited to update you each week and always so impressed by the work that had been put in to each of our sessions. I'll miss chatting every week!"
- Marina Bell

Bonjour! I'm Beeta

As a Francophile, I find the whole French motto of enjoying daily pleasures and cultivating simple sophistication to be a sort of life philosophy that creates confidence and elevates your overall life experience.

Whether it’s an outfit that makes you feel relaxed yet powerful or a meal that leaves you satisfied and proud (well, hello stone fruit caramelized in a cast iron skillet and flipped over a bed of pastry- mhmmm!); it’s the simple French lifestyle habits that help me maintain a sense of joie de vivre on the daily, not to mention feel generally polished & confident in my appearance and routines without stressing myself out.

After living in France, it’s easy to see the simple lifestyle tweaks that would dramatically improve one’s daily experience. Whether it’s mindful living, accessible luxury fashion, or French cuisine that any level of chef could make, I’m thrilled to now help other women create small changes that add up to big results and a dramatic lifestyle shift. I love helping women relax into a lifestyle that supports them to feel good, sophisticated, elegant, and healthy.