Recipes are great, but videos can really give you a foolproof approach to any dish. Whether they’re flaky croissants or crisp and fluffy baguettes, these popular video classes will help you achieve fantastic results in your kitchen!

You can sign up for one of the online classes by visiting the links below. You can watch the class videos anytime you want and however many times you want!

The Ultimate French Pastry Course

  • Learn how to make ALL of your favorites, including macarons, croissants, brioche, spongecake, baguettes, puff pastry, and more!
  • Watch the step-by-step video classes anytime, anywhere, however many times you want!
  • Recipe PDF’s you can save or print
  • Big savings for purchasing the bundle of classes!

You can also sign up for a class à la carte!

French Croissants: Step-by-Step

Easy French Baguettes at Home

Classic Macarons: Step-by-Step

Holiday Special: Bûche de Noël