My French-Inspired Christmas Tree

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Thanks to Balsam Hill for partnering with me to bring you this post.

Tis the season to be merry, bright, and très sophistiqué, non? I thought what better way to bring some festive holiday cheer to the blog than by sharing my beautiful Christmas tree, complete with French-inspired ornaments.

A Christmas Tree Perfect for Marie Antoinette

This year was the first time I’ve ever set up and decorated an artificial Christmas tree. Ever since I moved into an apartment, I’ve realized that having a live tree is not very practical. 

Aside from the difficulty of getting the tree in and out of the apartment, I find that live trees dry up very quickly inside the apartment. 

When Balsam Hill offered me one of their gorgeous, artificial Christmas trees, I happily agreed to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did!

A French-inspired Christmas tree. In partnership with Balsam Hill. #BalsamHill #sponsored via

I received their Classic Blue Spruce tree in the 7 1/2 foot size, pre-lit with LED lights. They’ve got a variety of trees ranging from traditional to most realistic, and the Classic Blue Spruce lies right on the traditional end of their selection. 

That said, the tree looks incredibly real. One of the reasons my family never bought artificial trees growing up was because the ones we’d see in the store looked very plastic-y and fake. So when I got this very real looking tree from Balsam Hill, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Another benefit of their traditional trees are that they are very full. It was so nice to know I didn’t have to worry about bare spots. Even better than that was the fact that I could move the branches around somewhat, as they’re flexible and can be fluffed and branched in different directions. 

You know when you’re hanging ornaments and you want to hook one onto the perfect spot, but the branch is just  too cramped next to another branch? Well, with this artificial tree, you can move the branch around to get it just where you want it to sit so your ornament hangs beautifully. 

A French-inspired Christmas tree. In partnership with Balsam Hill. #BalsamHill #sponsored via

Speaking of ornaments, I was so excited to receive their Royal Celebration collection. When I first saw this set, I immediately thought of Versailles Palace in France.

The fleur de lis, the crown, and just the stunning deep reds, purples, and gold screamed French royalty to me. For a Francophile like myself, nothing could be better! 

The ornaments came wrapped up really nicely in tissue paper, so everything arrived in the shipment intact and pretty. 

A French-inspired Christmas tree. In partnership with Balsam Hill. #BalsamHill #sponsored via

The Christmas tree also came packaged very well, separated into 3 pieces, all tagged so that I knew which piece went where.

There were also some gloves (to help fluff out the branches), extra LED bulbs for the lights, and easy-to-follow instructions for setting up the tree.

The bonus was finding a hefty storage bag to store the tree in later, when the holidays are over. 

A French-inspired Christmas tree. In partnership with Balsam Hill. #BalsamHill #sponsored via

A French-inspired Christmas tree. In partnership with Balsam Hill. #BalsamHill #sponsored via

To decorate my tree, I wrapped the tree in some gold ribbon I found at the craft store, then hung the beautiful ornaments I received from Balsam Hill. 

The tree has added the perfect amount of coziness and warmth to my home. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love this time of year, and now it’s even more special with my gorgeous tree!

If you’d like to see me set up the tree from start to finish, check out this quick Instagram video I did below!

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    • Hi Madonna! The roll of ribbon I used was 25 feet long per roll, and I used 2 rolls. The width of the ribbon was really wide too – 4 inches wide (which I think looks better on a tree plus you won’t need as much ribbon).

      Thanks for the question! 🙂


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