Cafe Mabillon hot chocolate

Cafe Mabillon in Paris: Chocolat Viennois

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Today I’m sharing a review of Cafe Mabillon in Paris. It’s a charming cafe (I mean, aren’t they all?) that sits on the famous Boulevard St. Germain, perfect for people-watching during the afternoons. 

Cafe Mabillon

While the Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots are some of the more famous and well-known cafes on the Boulevard St. Germain, Cafe Mabillon is one that definitely caught my eye after I took a break from all the well-known tourist cafes in Paris.

Cafe Mabillon has an equally fantastic position for people-watching, should you choose to sit outside, and an exceptionally cozy interior, which is what originally drew me in.

The interior is made up mostly of dark red, velvet upholstery, which makes the cafe feel plush and cozy.

Since it was the holiday season during my first visit, the cafe was decorated in evergreens, tiny lights, and large velvet bows that matched the upholstery.

It’s been a favorite spot ever since to settle down for a warm, relaxing retreat.

Cafe Mabillon holiday decor
Me trying to pretend like I’m getting a selfie but really trying to capture the holiday decor inside the cafe

I’ve eaten off their lunch menu, which is a bit pricey just because of the cafe’s prime location, but what I really want to highlight is their hot chocolate.

They make a fantastic chocolat viennois. When I first asked what the difference between that and simply chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) was, the waiter told me that chocolat viennois had “a little” whipped cream on top.

Let’s just say that was an understatement. The hot chocolate came with a mountain of whipped cream swirled on top. The topping seemed larger than my head, and I absolutely loved every minute of that experience.

I’ve made sure to visit the cafe every trip since then.

Café Mabillon – 164 boulevard Saint-Germain (Rue du Four) 75006 Paris, France

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  1. Hot chocolate is my favorite drink and I have it at every cafe I visit when in Paris. I love the hot chocolate at the Cafe London Paris across, (if standing in front of the Madeline, it is on the right side) from the Madeline. It is fabulous!

    1. Oh I definitely need to try there, Elizabeth! I haven’t been. I’m going to bookmark the spot. I love hot chocolate too 🙂

  2. This chocolat viennois looks like one of those ‘dishes’ that should be reserved for only special occasions. I write that because it is clearly a diet-buster. Consider the whipping cream alone – at least 200 calories. The whole drink probably approaches 500 calories!
    My weakness are fresh chocolate croissants so I understand your ‘weakness’. LOL

    1. 100% Douglas! hahaha It’s one of those things though that I feel like I get really excited to have because I’m not always in Paris, but after I’ve had one, it’s “scratched my itch” so then I’m good. Chocolate croissants on the other hand….that may take a month or two to get out of my system! LOL

  3. That chocolat viennois looked like it contains my entire daily caloric allowance but…it looks decadent and delicious. I’m not a connoisseur of chocolate so is there a special cocoa they use?

    1. Hahaha, Peter, let’s just say it’s a definite splurge! 😀 When in Paris…

      As for the chocolate, I’m actually not sure if it’s the particular cocoa they use or what, but all I know is it’s delicious. Many people think that French hot chocolate is the very thick kind that you get at Angelina’s. While that’s not a lie, it’s more prevalent to find cocoa like this one in Paris – one that’s made rich with the right dose of cream/milk.

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