Crème Caramel Recipe

Silky smooth custard, boasting the flavor of pure vanilla and topped with a glossy caramel layer, this crème caramel recipe is a French dessert you’ll keep coming back to time after time. Made in a traditional water bath using baking ramekins and staple ingredients like eggs and milk, this easy dessert is simple to whip up and impresses even your most fancy guests!

creme caramel recipe on a plate image


French Yogurt Cake Recipe

This French yogurt cake recipe is the perfect option when you’re looking for something sweet, simple, and homemade to enjoy. Whether it’s topped with some orange marmalade or a simple scoop of crème fraîche and fresh berries, you’re going to love this delicious cake.

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French Onion Chicken Recipe

If you’re craving easy comfort food, look no further than this French Onion Chicken recipe. It’s a quick and simple weeknight meal that brings forth all the flavors of classic French onion soup but in a heartier, protein-focused version.

french onion chicken recipe