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After her first trip to Paris in 2010, Beeta fell in love with all things French and became a self-proclaimed Francophile.

To share her love for France and French culture, she created the popular French lifestyle brand Mon Petit Four®, beginning with the French food blog. On the food blog, you’ll find plenty of classic French recipes as well as modern variations influenced by her native California roots. Her ability to simplify French recipes and eliminate the intimidation factor when it comes to French cooking has made her blog one of the top French food blogs for several years in a row.

Beeta also founded the online Francophile community and membership platform Everyday France, dedicated to bringing France home to all those who love and adore the country and everything it has to offer. It’s there that she brings members live tours from Paris streets, markets, cafes, and more, spotlighting some of the finest tastemakers and artisans of the city.

After living in Paris in the 7th arrondissement and immersing herself fully in everyday French living, Beeta launched her one-on-one coaching program aimed at helping women throughout the world feel more confident and fulfilled in their own skin and daily life. Living among the French, Beeta was able to witness the drastic differences between the French and American lifestyle, mainly the fact that French women live so much more intentionally and confidently. Today, Beeta enjoys coaching women living elsewhere to adopt that same mindset and sense of sophistication through the simple style principles and lifestyle practices she learned living abroad. 

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