Bonjour, meet Beeta

behind the brand

After her first trip to Paris in 2010, Beeta fell in love with all things French and became a self-proclaimed Francophile.

To share her love for France and French culture, she created the popular French lifestyle brand Mon Petit Four®, and launched a collection of her favorite French recipes and French lifestyle inspiration. Her ability to simplify French recipes and eliminate the intimidation factor when it comes to French cooking has made her site one of the top French recipe resources for several years in a row. You’ll also find a variety of French lifestyle ideas aimed at helping you slow down, be more intentional and artful with your living, and fully embrace French culture and attitude at home.

After living in Paris among the French, Beeta was able to witness the drastic differences between the French and American lifestyles, mainly the fact that French women live so much more intentionally and artfully. She enjoys incorporating the French attitude and their wellness techniques into her own life and has created an entire online community around doing this as well. Through the Everyday France membership, Beeta is able to help other women living outside of France adopt the French lifestyle wherever they live, through incredible French food, home decor, and personal style principles.

Each year, Beeta also hosts luxury retreats in France, taking a small group of women with her to experience the most magical week of their life in France. These retreats are designed to give women the most incredible feelings of abundance and awakening to live their best life.

Did you know…

Mon Petit Four is on Apple Podcasts!

You can listen to the podcast show on Apple, Spotify, Google podcasts, or directly on our site!

The show, The Life of a Bon Vivant, is all about inspiring you to make your dreams a reality, sharing real-life stories from women just like you have taken a leap of faith and done it!

At Mon Petit Four®, we are deeply enthralled with France and its beauty. Everyone who has contributed to this brand is proud to call themselves a Francophile and is dedicated to sharing the sophistication, elegance, and splendor of France with our audience. Like Ernest Hemingway and so many other literary legends have described, once you experience the magic of a city like Paris, your life will forever be changed, and we like to think for the better!

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast .” – Ernest Hemingway